Poster Presentations


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Investigation of composites properties prepared by using hemp hurds and alternative binders

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Incorporation of gold nanoparticles in multilayers of weak polyelectrolytes for hydrogen production

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Ability to produce bioenergy from Oryzopsis miliacea

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Assembly and characterization of nanostructures photosensitizers for generating hydrogen by water splitting

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Comparison of hydrogen applications for storage and energy vector

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A comparison of the economic savings between thermal solar systems and thermal insulation improvements for social housing in Chile

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Key factors to develop a common methodology towards an appropriate energy mix for electricity generation

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A comparison between of sodium methoxide and sodium hydroxide catalysts for ethyl esters production

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New energy saving composite ceramic materials

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Sustainable biofuel production from jatropha oil: the case study of the JatroMed project

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Developing wave energy in Mediterranean Sea: PEST Analysis and examination of other non-technological barriers to the implementation and sustainable development of wave energy


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Recycling studies at university campuses

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Environmental evaluation of a recycling process of vulcanized SBR industrial waste

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Role of informal recycling in e-waste management

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Leaching of calcium and silicon from cement composites in sulphate environment

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Estimation of green house gas emission from landfills: Apllication to the Hamedan landfill site (Iran, Hamedan)

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Incorporating waste paper sludge ash as partial cement replacement in concrete

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Olive mill wastewater management in Greece: perspectives in the light of the new Greek legislation

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Tetrachloroethene recovery and toxicity reduction of spent powders from dry cleaning process

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A methodology for quantification of hazardous waste flows: case study for the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)


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Phytoremediation of chrome (Cr) pollution in agricultural areas with canola (Brassica napus l.) plant growing

[634] Adiloglu S. and Saglam M.T.

Removal of lead (Pb) pollution in agricultural areas by phytoremediation method with the use of canola (Brassica napus l.) plant

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Effect of fertilizer application on paddy soil heavy metal concentration and groundwater in North of Iran

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Use of numerical modelling to optimise laboratory testing design for the measurement of the soil water retention curve

[371] Davidova T. and David V.

Testing the GSSHA model for purposes of soil erosion measurements with use of outdoor rainfall simulator

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Impact of irrigation on the chemistry of soils from Sangamner area, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India

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Analysis of the zeolite volcanic tuffs from Cluj county, Romania

[563] Dobocan C.A., Popescu D., Culea E. and Topa V.

Exploring the main quarries zeolite volcanic tuffs from Cluj county, Romania

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Hexavalent chromium leaching from cements and cement composites


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Biodegradation ability of fungal strains isolated from Antarctica towards PAH

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Site-specific K recommendations for rice productivity and to reduce excessive use of fertilizers

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Accumulation of heavy metals in soils and wheat plant (Triticum vulgare L.), irrigated with tannery industry effluents in Jalandhar district Punjab

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Preliminary investigation of arsenic and copper in plants and tailings at Telfer gold mine


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Analysis of correlation between water flow and pH in the Smolnik creek affected by acid mine drainage

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The water quality of boreholes Nile river watershed (Jijel, Algeria)

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A DNA sequence-based and bioinformatic study on freshwater arsenic resistant bacteria

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Analytical method validation for the determination of sulfonylurea herbicides in water samples by solid-phase extraction and HPLC with diode-array detection

[674] Boudaghi Malidareh H., Alinezhad A., Boudaghi Malidareh P., Mahvi A.H. and Namavar S.

Survey of fluoride level in underground water sources and Urban water distribution network in Qaemshahr city (North of IRAN) from 2006 to 2012

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Metals determination in Glafkos river water and natural radionuclides in Glafkos estuary sediments (Patras, Greece)

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Application of solid-phase extraction in the monitoring of priority pesticides in the Louros river (N.W. Greece)

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Physicochemical characterization and quality status of the surface sediments of south Euboean gulf, Greece

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Determination of pesticide residues in drainage water

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Chlorine consumption modeling and trihalomethane formation potential: Kodiat Mdaouar dam (Batna, Algeria)


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The threats of microbial contamination and total dissolved solids in drinking water of Riyadh's rural regions, Saudi Arabia

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Effects of bottom sediments re-suspension on phosphorus forms in the Prut river (Moldova)

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Natural occurrence of arsenic in groundwater, Lesvos island, Greece


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Virtual water versus real water allocation in inter-basin water transfer

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Studying the Quaternary aquifer at Al Jaww plain by ERT method, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Capacity development in drought risk reduction and adaptation: findings of the catalyst think tank as Illustrated by the Puglia region of Southern Italy

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Hydrological drought in Tafna basin- Algeria

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Intercomparison of the lumped versus semi-distributed HEC - HMS hydrological model in the Kalamas river basin

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Potential of rainwater harvesting in Dhaka city

[160] Wan Q. Z.

Study and application of emergency water dispatching of Jialing river


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Assessment of air quality around Dangote cement company, Tse-kucha, Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria

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An investigation of the air quality above Patras, Greece port in relation to the arrival and departure schedule of the ships

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Simultaneous removal of NOX and SO2 over copper oxide catalysts supported on silica and rice husk ash

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SOF emissions and redox activity from modern diesel passenger vehicles operated on biodiesel

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Combustion synthesis catalysts for reforming greenhouse gases

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Air temperature prediction using recurrent neural models with embedded time delays

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Synergetic use of active and passive remote sensing instruments for the seasonal variance of aerosols over Cyprus

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Determination of organic and inorganic anions in atmospheric particulate matter and dust deposited on monuments

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Pollution index and air ion variation in winter season at urban station Sangli (16° 52' N, 74° 36' E) India

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Aspects of (human) thermal preferences in the urban outdoor environment of Athens: A preliminary study

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Study of indoor air quality in selected office building


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Contribution to the study of the impact of a fertilizer commonly used in Algeria (NPK) on germination and respiratory metabolism of Triticum durum

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Design study and sustainable development of using forest constructions in a recreation park at Taxiarchi

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Differential allelopathic effect of nine Haplophyllum tuberculatum growth forms through germination bioassay

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The effect of soil in the allelopathic potential of Artemisia herba-alba and Oudneya africana crude powder on growth of weeds

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Socioeconomic dimension of oak forests: understanding local people perceptions with emphasis on children

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Plant growth promoting bacteria associated to salicornia rhyzosphere in Bandar Abbas, Iran

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Multicriteria decision rule for evaluating physical vulnerability of selected areas to forest degradation in Ogun state, Nigeria

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Variation of some physico-chemical parameters and biodiversity of gastropods species in Euphrates river, Iraq


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Removal of diclofenac sodium from aqueous solution by isabel grape bagasse

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Removal of perfluorinated compounds from water with activated carbon and redox treatments

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Aquatic toxicity of four selected veterinary drugs commonly applied in fish farming and animal husbandry

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Trace analysis of pharmaceutical in sediments from the Polish coastal zone

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Determination of pharmaceuticals, controlled psychoactive and illicit drugs and their metabolites in sewage sludge of the WWTP of Athens

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Presence of emerging contaminants in the vadose zone of two aquifers systems in Jerez de la Frontera area (SW, Spain)

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The effects of glyphosate herbicide on some soil organisms in selected areas of Okpokwu, Benue state, Nigeria

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Perfluorinated alkyl substances, chloroparaffins and BFRs in soil, sediments and terrestrial/marine biota in Norway and the Arctic

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High resolution separation and accurate mass confirmation of 12 pesticides by LC-hybrid LTQ orbitrap MS

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Determination of metronidazole residues in water and sediment samples

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Extraction methods of two benzimidazoles from environmental samples

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Determination of OTCs in marine sediments: analytical methods and environmental concerns

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Sorption of β-blockers to natural soils


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Occurrence and risks of pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disruptors in Jiulongjiang river, South China


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Antibacterial and acute toxicity effects of some plants extracts

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Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead content in polished white rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Ghaemshahr city (North of IRAN)

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The use of the biomarkers chlorophylls and carotenoids, for the interpretation of the effects in Lemna minor after exposure of two herbicides with different mode of action


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Defluoridation of water by natural materials: is it adsorption?

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Study of elimination of methyl orange from aqueous solutions by natural and commercial adsorbents

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Adsorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions onto modified zeolites

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Use of chronoamperometry for the inhibition of scaling in hard waters

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Removal of metal ions from acidic solutions using peat-A low cost sorbent

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Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions using modified zeolite and activated carbon under semi-batch and batch operations

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Synthesis of cooling water network in a petroleum refinery

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Optimization of conventional water treatment systems for the removal of dissolved organic matter and THM: Kodiat Mdaouar dam (Batna, Algeria)

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Phosphate removal from aqueous solution using a quaternized electrospun cellulose nanofiber as an anion exchange resin

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Removal of high concentrations of phosphate from aqueous solution using aragonite

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Removal of hydrogen sulphide from sulphurous ground waters


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Nitrate in shallow groundwater source in a rural area and its removal

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The use of environmentally-friendly and “green” polyethylene glycol additives for silica scale inhibition and control in industrial water flow systems

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Catalytic denitrification of water with H2 on Pd-Cu supported catalysts: mechanistic studies

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Removal of humic acid by cetylpyridinium bromide modified zeolite from aqueous solution


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Organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticide residues in fish samples from lake Chad, Baga, North Eastern Nigeria

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Quantification of human impact on natural evolution processes at a coastal zone, adjacent to an active fault

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Analysis of heavy metals in seawater samples collected from beaches of Asian side of Istanbul

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Adsorption of trivalent lanthanides and actinides by marine sediments

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Sedimentological and environmental investigation of the sea bed sediments of the Heraklion gulf (Crete)

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Towards technology of algal extracts production


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Application of Fenton oxidation process for degradation of Reactive Black 5 in aqueous system

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Decomposition of azo dye Direct Red 23 in the Fenton process in the presence of iron oxide nanopowder

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Application of response surface methodology (RSM) in the optimization of photocatalytic degradation of Trimethoprim

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In situ formation of hydrogen peroxide for the catalytic removal of pharmaceutical compouds in wastewater using hydrogen in excess of oxygen/air

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Photocatalytic degradation of the organophosphorus pesticide fenthion in aqueous suspensions of TiO2 under UV irradiation

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Hydrogen peroxide promoted CWAO of phenol over Cu/13X catalyst


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Heavy metals and nutritional composition of some naturally growing aquatic macrophytes of Northern Egyptian lakes

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Toxic effects of azinphos methyl and azinphos ethyl on growth and chlorophyll pigments production of marine unicellular microalgae Tetraselmis suecica

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Diamadopoulos E.

Lichens as indicators of heavy metal pollution around a coal-fired power station in W. Macedonia, Greece

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Commercially available benzimidazole derivatives as immunizing haptens for the development of a polyclonal antibody recognizing the fungicide carbendazim


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Influence of weather factors on seasonal population dynamics of Coelaenomenodera elaeidis (Coleoptera – Chrysomelidae) and its natural enemies in NIFOR, Nigeria

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CO2 capture from exhaust gases and natural gas sweetening at NTNU

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Performance evaluation of a mesoscale modeling system for wind resource assessment

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Impact of thermal stress on public health in Cyprus

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Investigation for a possible influence of Ioannina and Metsovo lakes (Epirus, NW Greece), on precipitation, during the warm period of the year

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Climatic changes impact on water-table levels in W Romania


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Noise pollution assessment of furniture industries in Adamawa State, Nigeria

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Prioritization of contaminated sites in the Lombardy region (Italy): The development of a relative risk assessment procedure

[387] Antoniou G.P.

Reuse of the vernacular communal rainwater cisterns & fountains. The case of Amorgos, Cyclades

[370] David V. and Davidova T.

Present state analysis of extinct ponds areas as a basis for future use optimisation

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Environmental management: new actors and strategies

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Assessment of environmental engineering education in the United Arab Emirates

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Application of failure mode and effect analysis in risk assessment of mining plan

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Application of fuzzy logic for failure risk assessment in water supply system management

[441] Roukounakis N., Retalis A. and Petrakis M.

Improving airport noise model accuracy with the combined use of statistical methods and on-site measurements: the case of Athens International Airport

[67] Tchorzewska-Cieslak B.

Bayesian model of urban water safety management

[479] Vilcekova S., Culakova M. and Kridlova-Burdova E.

Evaluation of environmental indicators of building materials and results implementation to building environmental assessment system

[731] Wang M-C.

The value relevance on environmental information disclosures: evidence from Taiwanese listed firms


[47] Abdel-Kader A.M.

Assessment of an MBR system for segregated household wastewater by using simulation mathematical model

[107] Carrillo-Abad J., García-Gabaldón M., Ortega E. and Pérez-Herranz V.

Electrochemical recovery of the  zinc present in the spent pickling baths coming from the hot dip galvanizing industry by means of the use of two different membranes

[266] Daraei H., Maleki A., Shahmoradi B., Razee S. and Ghobadi N.

Electrocoagulation efficiency and energy consumption probing by artificial intelligent approaches

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Isabel grape bagasse as a potential biosorbent of zinc in the effluents treatment

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Treatment and valorization of heavy metals from wastewater by solvent extraction using di-2-ethylhexylphosphoric acid (D2EHPA)

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Investigation of anaerobic fluidized bed reactor / aerobic moving bed bio reactor (AFBR/MMBR) system for treatment of currant wastewater

[752] Kowalska I.

Investigation of pressure-driven membrane processes for regeneration of detergent cleaning solutions

[692] Ladeira A.C.Q and Sicupira L.C.

Application of ion exchange resins to recover uranium from acid mine drainage

[583] Lamari K.M.

Heavy metal cationic wastewater treatment with membrane method

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Use of montmorillonite-alginate hybrids decorated with silver nanoparticles in industrial wastewater treatment for reuse

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Treatment of tropical domestic wastewater by UASB reactor inoculated with effective microorganisms consortium - COD and suspended solids removal

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Simple production of potato waste based sorbent, color removal efficiency and experimental parameters influences probing by using novel taguchi-ann-ga method

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Potential of natural and acid modified clinoptilolite for adsorption of azo dye in aqueous environment

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Treatment of industrial wastewaters containing multivalent metals by means of electrodialytic techniques

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Treatment of food industrial wastewater by using anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR)

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Activated and non – activated date pits adsorbent for the removal of copper (II) and cadmium (II) from wastewater

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Water quality modeling for BOD and COD control strategies for the Buriganga river of Bangladesh

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Behavior of heavy metals in full-scale sludge incineration by spray drying-rotary kiln process

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Final settling tank CFD modeling: Realizing the potential of waste water treatment modeling

[497] Yousefi Z., Mohseni A., Mahvi A.H., Dianati R.A., Malaki A., Mohamadpur R.A. and Ghahramani E.

Survey of efficiency sequence batch reactor (SBR) in reactive yellow3 dye removal of industrial textile