Oral Presentations - Topics Sessions

Advanced oxidation processes (AOP’s)

Session 26

Ecology and ecosystems management

Session 9.2 Session 15.1

Marine environment and coastal management

Session 14

Air pollution

Session 15.2 Session 20 Session 30

Environmental planning, management and policies

Session 22 Session 27

Organic and industrial solid waste management

Session 3


Session 31

Emerging pollutants

Session 6 Session 11 Session 16 Session 21

Soil contamination and remediation

Session 4 Session 9.1

Catchment hydrology

Session 17

Health and environment

Session 19

Solid waste management

Session 8

Clean energy and sustainability

Session 5 Session 10

Hexavalent chromium in the geoenvironment: occurrence and remediation

Session 24 Session 29

Water quality alksldkh

Session 2

Climate change and environmental dynamics

Session 25

Hydrology and water resources management

Session 12

Wastewater treatment

Session 18.2 Session 23 Session 28

Drought and water scarcity

Session 7

Innovations in chemicals and processes for water treatment

Session 13

Modelling and auto control in water treatment

Session 18

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Session 1 – OPENING

Thursday 5 September 2013 – morning  - MACEDONIA HALL

[694] Kannan K. and Ma J.

Novel halogenated hydrocarbons in environmental samples and associated human exposures in e-waste recycling facilities in China

[841] van Lanen H.A.J.

Drought and water scarcity

[840] Kannen A.

Increasing use intensity in marine areas - current developments, new perspectives and challenges for marine planning and management


Thursday 5 September 2013 - morning - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[197] Ashekuzzaman S.M. and Jiang J-Q.

Preparation and evaluation of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) for phosphate removal

[206] Byrne P., Zhang H., Heathwaite L., Binley A., Ullah S., Kaeser D., Heppell K., Lansdown K. and Trimmer M.

Passive pore water sampling provides evidence of suppression of hyporheic exchange and nitrate transformation in a groundwater-fed river

[332] Andrzejewski P., Nikolaou A.D., Golfinopoulos S. and Garcia-Consuegra L.U.

Precursors of NDMA and THMs: Occurence in raw water

[839] Babi K.G., Koumenides K.M., Makri C.A., Nikolaou A.D. and Lekkas T.D.

THMs and HAAs formation under real conditions in chlorinated drinking water of Athens, Greece

[392] Cleary J., Cogan D., Phelan T. and Diamond D.

Microfluidic analyser for pH in water and wastewater

[413] Yilmaz N., Ozyigit I.I., Demir G. and Yalcin I.E.

Determination of phytoplankton density, some nutrients and heavy metals in the surface water of Riva stream; one of the water resources of Istanbul, Turkey


Thursday 5 September 2013 - morning - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[094] Kolokolova O.N., Levi T. and Pang S.

Torrefaction and pyrolysis of biomass waste in continuous reactors

[259] Hahladakis J., Maragkos K. and Gidarakos E.

Heavy metals in parts of waste cellular phones. Are the RoHS directive compliance regulations met?

[458] Tzanakos K., Mimilidou A., Anastasiadou K., Stratakis A. and Gidarakos E.

Synthesis and heavy metal immobilization behaviors of medical waste ash based geopolymer

[490] Cruz-Bournazou M.N., Kielhorn E., Ertem F.C., Neubauer P. and Junne S.

Multiposition monitoring for improved biogas production based on biowaste utilization

[528] Dareioti M.A., Vgenis T.T., Vavouraki A.I. and Kornaros M.

Assessment of methane production from typical western Greece agro-industrial wastes

[838] Popko M., Wilk R., Gorecka H., Chojnacka K. and Gorecki H.

New NKSMg fertilizer from feather hydrolysate: Pot experiments

[603] Ceaser M.A.

Lighting the future for mercury waste disposal


Thursday 5 September 2013 – morning - ROOM C - PELLA

[815] Theologou E., Panagiotakis I., Dermatas D., Chrysochoou M. and Toskos T.

Remediation technologies for hexavalent chromium contaminated aquifers

[455] Papadopoulos A., Papadopoulos F., Tziachris P., Metaxa I. and Iatrou M.

Specific agricultural soil management with the use of new technologies

[308] Lortzie K., Stylianou M. and Kostarelos K.

Assessment of environmental pollution at the abandoned gold-silver enrichment plant in Mitsero, Cyprus

[51] Benzagouta M.S.

Investigation on surface and subsurface fluid migration: Environmental Impact

[440] Bacchetta G., Cappai G., Carucci A. and Tamburini E.

Use of native plants for the remediation of abandoned mine sites in Mediterranean semiarid environments

[129] Binsadiq A.R.H.

Fungal biodegradation of diesel by Ulocladium atrum

[568] Kandris K., Antoniou K., Pantazidou M. and Mamais D.

Modelling trichloroethene metabolic reductive dechlorination by a mixed anaerobic culture at non-limiting electron donor concentrations


Thursday 5 September 2013 – morning - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[196] Stergiopoulou A., Stergiopoulos V. and Kalkani E.

Contributions to the study of hydrodynamic behaviour of innovative archimedean screw turbines recovering the hydropotential of watercourses and of coastal currents

[49] Lelaki A., Soulios V., Vagiona D. and Koutitas G.

Towards energy independence in the city of Veria, Greece

[195] Anagnostou C., Papamastoraki-Augoustaki D. and Vagiona D.

Moving towards to energy self-sufficiency: the case study of Chania (Crete - Greece)

[85] Alexandropoulou M., Antonopoulou G. and Lyberatos G.

Fermentative hydrogen production from food-industry wastes

[126] Dounavis A., Ntaikou I. and Lyberatos G.

Biohydrogen production from crude glycerol using immobilized acidogenic cultures: effect of substrate concentration on conversion efficiency and yields

[15] Melouki M., Adnane M., Hamzaoui S. and Chaumont D.

Realization and characterization of thin films SNO2, TiO2 for solar cell Gratzel type

[147] Gaidajis G. and Angelakoglou K.

Carbon footprint and energy assessment of a medium sized municipality in Greece


Thursday 5 September 2013 – morning - ROOM E – ATHENS VIEW (9th floor)

Invited speaker [818] Hollender J.

Fate of polar micropollutants in conventional and advanced wastewater treatment: from target to non-target LC-HRMS/MS screening

[706] Vergeynst L., Van Langenhove H., Joos P. and Demeestere K.

Target quantification of pharmaceuticals in surface water by large-volume injection liquid chromatography and time-of-flight mass spectrometry: challenges, practical solutions and applicability

[693] Weiss J., Baginska E., Lutterbeck C., Bolek R., Boireau V., Roig B., and Lamoree M.

Formation of stable transformation products of pharmaceuticals in the water treatment cycle

[718] Rostkowski P., Haglund P., Dye C. and Schlabach M.

Non-target screening of environmental samples by Low and High resolution time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS)

[689] Borova V.L., Pistos C. and Thomaidis N.S.

Determination and occurrence of new designer drugs in wastewater samples by LC-(QqQ)MS/MS


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[83] Stana O. and Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir R.

An analysis of water scarcity phenomenons and water demands for agricultural areas from western part of Romania using different programs

[144] Susnik J., Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia L.S., Savic D.A. and Kapelan Z.

Integrated systems modelling of the water-agricultural sector in Rosetta, Egypt: planning for future water shortages

[167] Gain A.K. and Giupponi C.

A dynamic assessment of water scarcity risk and climate change adaptation in the lower Brahmaputra river basin

[255] De Stefano L., Urquijo J., Kampragkou E. and Assimacopoulos D.

Lessons learnt from the analysis of past drought management practices in selected european regions: experience to guide future policies

[269] Van Loon A.F. and Van Lanen H.A.J.

How to distinguish between drought and water scarcity? Use an observation-modelling framework!

[304] Verbeiren B., Huysmans M., Tychon B., Jacquemin I., Canters F., Vanderhaegen S., Engelen G., Poelmans L., De Becker P., Tsakiris G., Vangelis H. and Batelaan O.

Drought-related vulnerability and risk assessment of groundwater resources under temperate conditions

[318] Longobardi A. and Villani P.

Water resources management in scarcity conditions: FDC variability analysis implication on environmental streamflow requirements

[381] Zhao L., Lu A., Wu J., Hayes M., Tang Z. and He B.

The impact of meteorological drought on streamflow in the Jinghe River Basin of China

[445] Magno R., Angeli L., Chiesi M., Pasqui M., Rocchi L. and Zabini F.

Development of a system for monitoring and forecasting drought events over Tuscany region

[555] Karavitis C.A., Alexandris S.G., Fassouli V.P., Stamatakos D.V., Vasilakou C.G., Tsesmelis D.E. and Skondras N.A.

Assessment of meteorological drought statistics and patterns in central Greece

[644] Vasiliades L. and Loukas A.

An operational drought monitoring system using spatial interpolation methods for Pinios river basin, Greece


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[842] Lekkas T.D., Razis Y. and Komis L.

Trends in recycling

[826] Dimitriou G. and Papadopoulou M.P.

Map pollution in an uncontrolled solid waste dumpsite: The impacts of a metro infrastructure facility in the improvement of soil and water resources

[363] Lasaridi K., Chroni C., Zorpas A.A. and Abeliotis K.

Waste prevention: From concept to practice

[499] Zorpas A.A., Lasaridi K., Voukkali I., Abeliotis K., Loizia P., Fitiri L., Trisokka V., Chroni C., Fanou K., Pyrilli D., Goumenou P. and Georgiou A.

Development of waste prevention campaign in the Waste Framework Directive from Paralimni Municipality which based in the Eastern region of Cyprus

[361] Abeliotis K., Lasaridi K., Chroni C. and Zorpas A.A.

Environmental assessment of waste prevention activities

[130] Grimes S.M. and Lateef H.

Recovery of chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid from simulated scallop gut waste using ionic liquid methodology.

[231] Evangelou A., Kotsiari E., Gerassimidou S., Mavrakis N. and Komilis D.

Monitoring the performance of two municipal solid waste mechanical and biological pretreatment facilities in Greece

[238] Liogkas V. and Komilis D.

Full cost accounting of municipal solid waste management facilities in Greece

[498] Zorpas A.A., Lasaridi K., Abeliotis K., Voukkali I., Loizia P., Fitiri L., Trisokka V., Chroni C., Fanou K., Pyrilli D., Goumenou P and Georgiou A.

Municipal solid waste compositional analysis from a municipality in Cyprus regarding the waste framework directive; development of a waste minimization plan.

[358] Mancini I.M., Masi S., Zirpoli P., Amodeo C. and Caniani D.

Modelling of aerobic reactors for landfill methane oxidation

[512] Nikolaou A., Giannis A. and Gidarakos E.

Bioreactor landfill application for sequential aerobic-anaerobic treatment of municipal solid waste

[587] Rada E.C., Ragazzi M. and Bugna S.

Odorous impact from composting plant: biofilter versus RTO

[761] Vavva C., Voutsas E. and Tassios D.

Environmental management of fly ash produced from the incineration of municipal solid waste


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM C - PELLA

[340] Lukman S., Essa M.H., Mu'azu N.D. and Bukhari A.

Coupled electrokinetics-adsorption technique for simultaneous removal of heavy metals and organics from saline-sodic soil

[636] Antoniou K., Panagiotakis I., Mamais D. and Pantazidou M.

Hydrogen addition for reductive dechlorination of trichloroethylene

[735] Nocita M., Stevens A., Toth G., Van Wesemael B. and Montanarella L.

Prediction of soil organic carbon content by spectroscopy at European scale using a local partial least square regression approach

[677] Haynes R.J. and Liu Y-Y.

Effects of irrigation of dairy factory effluent onto land on soil properties

[50] Aytekin M. and Akcanca F.

Hydraulic conductivity of lime stabilized sand-bentonite mixtures for sanitary liners


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM C - PELLA

[209] Georgopoulou I.A., Kalivas D.P. and Petropoulos G.P.

Urban vegetation cover extraction from hyperspectral remote sensing imagery and GIS-based spatial analysis techniques: The case of Athens, Greece

[251] Papavasileiou V., Xanthakou P., Tzaberis N., Matzanos D., Papadomarkakis I. and Nikolarea E.

Natural resources management and sustainable development

[257] Hahladakis J., Smaragdaki E., Vasilaki G. and Gidarakos E.

Partitioning and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in surficial sea and lake sediments

[116] Ioakeimidis S. and Kaimaris D.

Observation of the changes and the degradation of the forests after the fire with the use of remote sensing and GIS: Study of the suburban forest of Seich-Sou, Thessaloniki, Greece

[679] Laspidou C.S.

Grey water footprint of crops and crop-derived products: analysis of weaknesses and sensitivity in calculation method

[389] Franceschini S. and Pansera M.

Efficiency vs. conservation? Competing framings and the future of the lighting industry


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[653] Carotenuto C., Di Natale F., D’Addio L., Lancia A., Szudyga M., Krupa A., Jaworek A., Gregory D., Jackson M., Volpe P., Cimino S., Lisi L., Beleca R., Mannivannan N., Abbod M. and Balachandran W.

A new retrofit system for the control of atmospheric emsissions of marine diesel engines

[288] Kondili E., Papapostolou C., Pantemi G. and Kaldellis J.K.

Energy and environmental education in Greek secondary education: Highlights, prospects and expectations

[322] Tsioptsia H. and Stergiadou A.

Infrastracture works and geometrical declinations of them based on the requirements of the law in wind farm

[344] Marquardt J.

Transition towards sustainable energy systems: The role of development cooperation in a multi-level environment

[356] Cesaro A., Velten S., Belgiorno V. and Kuchta K.

Ultrasonic pretreatment of DDGS for anaerobic digestion

[426] Corona B. and San Miguel G.

Environmental assessment of concentrating solar power (CSP) technology using LCA

[436] Sanginés P., San Miguel G. and Dominguez M.P.

Slow pyrolysis of olive stones in a rotary kiln: Characterization of solid, gas and condensable products

[443] Naranjo S., San Miguel G. and Sanz F.

Compatibility of fast purolysis bio-oil/biomethanol blends with plastic polymers

[460] Rincón S.L., Gómez A.G., and Aragonez M.P.

Pyrolysis of sewage sludge from the wastewater treatment plant in Bogotá (Colombia)

[464] Dodos G.S., Stamatiou G. and Zannikos F.

Biodiesel production from lunaria oil (L. Annua)

[521] Basarir A. and Arman H.

Sustainable development and environmental Kuznets curve in GCC Countries

[277] Ghiasvand Ghaisy F.F., Hosseini S.J.F. and Soltani Z.

Investigating the role of solar energy to protecting and revitalization of pastures in dry region


Thursday 5 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM E – ATHENS VIEW (9th floor)

[27] Botitsi H., Garbis S. and Tsipi D.

Occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in aquatic environment by combination NanoESI-QqTOF-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS

[717] Gago-Ferrero P., Demeestere K, Díaz-Cruz M.S. and Barceló D.

Effect of process parameters and identification of intermediate products during advanced oxidation of benzophenone-3 in water

[703] Van Doorslaer X., Demeestere K., Heynderickx P.M., Caussyn M., Van Langenhove M., Devlieghere F., Vermeulen A. and Dewulf J.

Photocatalytic degradation of the antibiotic moxifloxacin: a deeper look at the degradation products and residual antibacterial activity

[446] Fotiou T., Triantis T.M., Kaloudis T. and Hiskia A.

Photocatalytic degradation of cylindrospermopsin under UV-A, solar and visible light in the presence of TiO2 based nanomaterials

[270] Kolodziejska M., Maszkowska J., Bialk-Bielinska A., Kumirska J. and Stepnowski P.

A comprehensive approach to the determination of six veterinary pharmaceuticals in environmental samples

[272] Caban M., Mioduszewska K., Lukaszewicz P., Stepnowski P., Kwiatkowski M. and Kumirska J.

Dimetris (dimethyl(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)silyldiethylamine) – a new silylating agent for determination of drugs residues in environmental samples

[656] Mazioti E.A., Stasinakis A.S. and Thomaidis N.S.

Biodegradation and sorption of benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles in activated sludge systems

[676] Kasiotis M.K., Papadi-Psyllou A., Emmanouil C., Anastasiadou P., Okay O. and Machera K.

Bivalves organic pollution along eastern Mediterranean coasts

[640] Chavan M., Thacker N., Tarar J.L. and Gandhi K.

Monitoring the water quality for organochlorine pesticides in the area of intensive agriculture activity of Nagpur district, India


Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[109] Ruffino B., Fiore S., Cedrino A., Giacosa D., Meucci L. and Genon G.

Tracer studies at a full-scale lagoon used as pre-treatment facility for a water treatment plant

[142] Chondrogiannis S., Tzimopoulos C. and Evangelides C.

Optimizing the pressurized irrigation networks using fuzzy linear and dynamic programming

[143] Τzimopoulos C., Zormpa D. and Evangelides C.

Multiple criteria decision making using Vikor method. Application in irrigation networks in the Thessaloniki plain

[189] Tzimopoulos C., Balioti V. and Evangelides C.

Fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method for dam selection

[192] Siarkos I., Kakoudakis K. and Latinopoulos D.

Modelling the groundwater flow for estimating the pumping cost of irrigation in the aquifer of N. Moudania, Greece

[215] Papatriantafyllou E. and Makropoulos C.

Developing roadmaps for the sustainable management of the urban water cycle: the case of WW reuse in Athens

[217] Tsoukalas I. and Makropoulos C.

Hydrosystem optimization with the use of evolutionary algorithms: the case of Nestos river

[302] Lavers A.

Criteria for achieving integrated water resource management: A critical review

[372] Poulos S.E., Alexopoulos I., Dassenakis M., Kotsopoulos S., Lazogiannis K., Matiatos I., Paraskevopoulou V., Sifnioti D.E., Ghionis G., Alexiou I. and Panagopoulos A.

An investigation of the impact of the climate change on River deltas: Case study: The delta of R. Pinios (Thessaly, Greece) – Concept and preliminary results on surface water environmental state

[341] Keramaris E., Pechlivanidis G.I., Pechlivanidis I.G. and Samaras G.A.

The impact of lateral walls on the velocity profile in an open channel using the PIV method

[382] Susnik J., Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia L.S., Gebert N., Kloos J., Renaud F., La Jeunesse I., Mabrouk B., Savic D.A., Kapelan Z., Ludwig R., Fischer G., Roson R. and Zografos C.

Interdisciplinary assessment of water-related climate change impacts on the lower Nile river, Egypt: Lessons from three complementary projects

[710] Wei Y., Vannier R.G., Robinson A.M., Geisy J.P., Kannan K., Bradley P.W., Voice T.C. and Long D.T.

Regional analysis of temporal trends of concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyl in lake sediments

[581] Gkinidi P., Tzimopoulos C., Υannopoulos S. and Evangelides C.

Water resources management in the watershed Koronia using fuzzy linear programming

[645] Loukas A., Zagoriti K., Mylopoylos N., Vasiliades L. and Sidiropoulos P.

Lake Karla aquifer’s response to climate variability and change and human intervention

[652] Tsihrintzis V.A. and Baltas E.

Sizing of rainwater harvesting tank for in-house water supply

[749] Bozan C. S., Korosparti J., Pasztor L. and Palfai I.

Excess water hazard mapping on the South Great Hungarian Plain

[488] Butts M.B., Buontempo C., Lørup J.K., Williams K., Mathison C., Riegels N.D., Jessen O.Z., Glennie P., McSweeney C., Wilson M., Jones R. and Seid A. H.

Developing a regional methodology for climate adaptation in the Nile basin

[105] Murad A.A., Mahmoud S., Arman H., Baker H., Al Bloushi K. and Gabr A.

Hydrogeological investigation for delineating drillings sites for artificial recharge wells to aquifer for groundwater sustainability along Wadi Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates


Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[331] Jiang J-Q., Durai H.B.P., Winzenbacher R. and Petri M.

Drinking water treatment by in-situ generated ferrate (VI)

[65] Bakr A.A. and Makled W.A.

New pretreatment media-filtration for SWRO membranes of desalination plants

[75] Tarpagkou R., Pantokratoras A. and Papadakis N.

The influence on the flow field and performance of a sedimentation tank for potable water treatment due to low (winter) and high (summer) temperatures

[275] Ubaldini S., Luptakova A., Macingova E., Fornari P. and Pizzichemi P.

Innovative biohydrometallurgical processes for decontamination of acid mine drainage

[385] Kaprara E., Simeonidis K., Zouboulis A.I. and Mitrakas M.

Evaluation of current treatment technologies for Cr(VI) removal from water sources at sub-ppb levels

[621] Roccaro P., Lombardo G. and Vagliasindi F.G.A.

Removal of hydrocarbons from hypersaline water by adsorption on GAC and offline bioregeneration of the saturated carbon

[810] Rocha S.D.F., Ribeiro M.V. , Santos A.L.A., Silva L. and Borba R.P.

Defluoridation of water by nature and acidic washer bonechar

[329] Zarpelon F., Galiotto D., Carli L.N., Crespo J.S. and Giovanela M.

Thin films of PAH/PAA decorated with silver nanoparticles as a potential bactericidal agents in the microbiological treatment of industrial wastewater

[733] Jiang J-Q.

Removal of emerging micro pollutants by ferrate (VI)

[729] Idowu I.A., Atherton W. and Al Khaddar R.

The fate and transportion of mecoprop from leachate on water quality across North West England

[280] Demadis K.D. and Preari M.

“Green” scale inhibitors in water treatment processes: The case of silica scale inhibition

[508] Bilardi S., Calabrò P.S. and Moraci N.

Simultaneous removal of CuII, NiII, and ZnII by a granular mixture of ZVI and pumice in column systems

[226] Yan C.Z. and Xue P.Y.

Copper accumulation, tolerance and release by a submerged aquatic plant Myriophyllum spicatum L.

[362] Lee D.E., Kweon J.H., Lee K.Y. and Park K.Y.

Effects of fine particles on performance of enhanced backwash for fouling reduction in anaerobic membrane bioreactors

[622] Roccaro P. and Vagliasindi F.G.A.

Coprecipitation of vanadium in natural water with iron (hydr)oxides

[281] Koo C.H., Mohammad A.W., Suja F. and Meor Talib M.Z.

Comparison of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes performance subject to crossflow velocity effect during filtration of humic acids

[202] Angelakis A.N.

Evolution of rainwater harvesting and use in Crete, Hellas through the Millennia


Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM C - PELLA

[820] Papoutsoglou E.S.

Environmental technology of fish farming

[61] Karydis M.

Design, variable selection and data analysis in environmental marine monitoring

[84] Zakikhani M., Harrelson D.W., Kissane J. A., Allis M.K., Kolber J. and Tom J.G.

Management software for protection of the Great Lakes coastal navigation areas

[300] Ovezikoglou P., Ladakis M., Paraskevopoulou V. and Dassenakis M.

Assessing the effectiveness of the management of the  national marine park of Alonisos in North Sporades islands

[301] Ladakis M., Botsou F., Rousselaki E., Ovezikoglou V., Petrocheilou M. and Dassenakis M.

Levels and distribution of heavy metals and TOC in the surface sediments of the bay of Souda

[417] Nastos P.T., Sifnioti D.E., Poulos S.E. and Soukissian T.H.

Seasonal synoptic composite means of the surface vector wind speed associated with high sea waves in the Eastern Mediterranean

[472] Petsas A., Vagi M., Nikolaou A. and Kostopoulou M.

Trends in the analysis of pollutant transformation products in the marine environment

[520] Monemvasioti K. and Tsoukala V.K.

A sustainable management of Zakynthos Marine National Park, using environmental indicators analysis

[632] Nikiforakis I.K., Christodoulou G.C. and Stamou A.I.

Spreading of vertical dense jets on a sloping bottom: concentration measurements

[700] Stamou A.I., Otay E.N., Tsoukala V.K., Copty N., Karakoc F.T., Christodoulou G., Papadopoulos A., Papadonikolaki G. and Altan Y.C.

Risk assessment of oil spill accidents. Part 1: presentation of the methodology

[827] Otay E.N., Stamou A.I., Altan Y.C., Papadonikolaki G., Copty N., Christodoulou G., Karakoc F.T., Tsoukala V.K., Koutsoyiannis D. and Papadopoulos A.

Risk assessment of oil spill accidents. Part 2: Application to Saronikos gulf and Izmir bay

[819] Velegrakis A.F., Monioudi I.N., Poulos S.E., Lekkas D.F., Hatzopoulos J.N., Hasiotis Th., Karambas Th., Kontogianni A., Vousdoukas M.I., Andreadis O., Rigos A., Tsekouras G., Psarros F., Ghionis G., Karditsa A., Chatzipavlis A.,. Anastasiadis S., Kokkoris G., Petrakis S., Tsimplis M.N., Peduzzi P. and Collins M.B.

Physical and economic impacts of sea level changes on the island beaches of the Aegean Archipelago (ISLA); concepts and preliminary results

[807] Stamou I.-G.A. and Konovessis D.

A computational decision-making tool based on life cycle cost analysis for reduced air emissions from ships

[828] Kaimaris D. and Papanikolaou N.

Change detection in the physical lake shoreline through diachronic remote sensing data and GIS techniques: The case  study of lake Orestiada, Kastoria, Greece

[45] Freije A.

Heavy metals, trace elements and petroleum hydrocarbons pollutions in the Arabian Gulf: Review


Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[337] Fragogeorgi G., Tsikou D., Aivalakis G., Flemetakis E., Chronopoulou-Sereli K., Tsiros J. and Katinakis P.

Environmental stresses and plant tolerance.The role of ornithine-δ-aminotransferase in durum wheat plants

[539] Karaberou G., Varnavas S.P., Carter J. and Parker A.

Iron, nickel and chromium in abies cephalonica foliage needles in relation to bauxitic limestone substrate

[123] Koumelis I., Ntaikou I., Iatridi Z., Kamilari M., Tsitsilianis C. and Lyberatos G.

Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates from mixed microbial consortia derived from soil: Effect of nitrogen limitation on microbial shift and properties of recovered polyesters

[680] Hadjibiros K.

Human ecology: Are its predictions reliable?

[830] Saeid A. and Chojnacka K.

Biosorption of microelements by Chlorella kessleri in multielemental system

[831] Michalak I., Marycz K. and Chojnacka K.

Using SEM-EDX and ICP-OES to investigate elemental composition of green macroalga Vaucheria sessilis

[832] Darecki A., Saeid A. and Chojnacka K.

Biosorption of microelements by Spirulina: towards technology of mineral feed supplements

[350] Prabhaharan R., Rueda-Puente E.O., Borboa-Flores J., Rosas-Burgos E.C., Cárdenas-López J.L., Ortega-García J. and Barrón-Hoyos J.M.

Salt tolerance enhancement of tepary bean seedlings (Phaseolus acutifolius) inoculated with halotolerant endophytic bacteria

Session 15.2 - AIR POLLUTION (2)

Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[764] Helmis C.G. and Sgouros G.

On the physical processes that influence the development of the marine low-level jet

[88] Vlachokostas Ch., Banias G., Athanasiadis A., Akylas V., Achillas Ch. and Moussiopoulos N.

A software for assessing personal exposure in urban areas based on combined dose and exposure indicators

[122] Ballesteros R., Hernández J.J. and Guillén-Flores J.

Speciation of particulate-associated PAH emissions in a diesel single- cylinder engine using a HPLC-UVD method

[158] Krestou A., Triantafyllou A.G., Garas S., Tsekouras V. and Diamantopoulos C.

Design, construction and testing of a laboratory chamber for dust generation and sampling

[164] Remoundaki E., Mantas E., Theodosi C., Kassomenos P. and Mihalopoulos N.

Secondary inorganic versus carbonaceous fraction and mass closure of PM2.5 in urban environment (Athens, Greece)

[342] Afzali S. and Chaloulakou A.

Measurements of PM10 levels in an Athens suburb: Contribution of household activities to personal exposure

[405] Rizou D., Flocas H.A., Bartzokas A. and Helmis C.G.

On the link between Indian summer monsoon and the Etesian pattern over the Aegean sea

[20] Pawar S.D.

Air ion variation with respect to meteorological parameters at rural station Ramanandnagar (17° 4’ N 74° 25’ E) India


Friday 6 September 2013 – morning - ROOM E – ATHENS VIEW (9th FLOOR)

Invited speaker [673] Jacob de Boer

Triscresylphosphate and related compounds in airplanes: possible effects on nervous systems of flight crew members

[722] Wang Y. and Tam N.F.Y.

Effects of a congener of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (BDE-47) on the growth of two mangrove plant species, their uptake, translocation and biotransformation

[376] Schroeder P., Huber C. and Bartha B.

Insight in the metabolism of diclofenac in plants - P 450 mediated hydroxylation is followed by glucosyl transfer reactions

[618] Costopoulou D., Vassiliadou I., Zafeiraki E. and Leondiadis L.

Exposure to the persistent perfluorinated compounds PFCs in Greece

[704] Xagoraraki I.

Fate of viruses in wastewater utilities

[633] Brieudes V., Lardy-Fontan S., Lavison G., Lalere B., Vaslin-Reimann S. and Budzinski B.

Multi-residue analyses for the determination of psychotropic substances in surface water: study case in the Paris area

[688] Borova V.L., Dasenaki M.E., Maragou N.C., Alygyzakis N., Stasinakis A.S., Thomaidis N.S. and Lekkas T.D.

Trends in use of pharmaceuticals, controlled psychoactive and illicit drugs as revealed from the influents’ analysis of WWTP of Athens, Greece

[754] Asimakopoulos A.G., Kannan K. and Thomaidis N.S.

Benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles in a WWTP in Greece: occurrence, and removal efficiencies

[390] Nannou Ch., Kosma Ch.I. and Albanis T.A.

Analysis of trace levels of pharmaceutical compounds in surface waters in the region of Epirus (Greece)

[286] Borecka M., Siedlewicz G., Bialk-Bielinska A., Kumirska J., Pazdro K. and Stepnowski P.

Occurrence of pharmaceutical residues in the coastal area of the southern Baltic sea

[624] Estevez E., Cabrera M.D.C., Fernandez-Vera J.R., Molina-Diaz A., Robles-Molina J. and Palacios-Diaz M.P.

Temporal evolution of emerging contaminants, priority substances and heavy metals most frequently detected in reclaimed water and groundwater of a volcanic aquifer

[574] Candela L., Vadillo I. and Tamoh K.

Treated wastewater reuse for aquifer recharge. A three years monitoring of selected pharmaceuticals in injected water and wells

[732] Mutiyarm P.K. and Mittal A.K.

Occurrence and removal of selected pharmaceutical active compounds (PhACs) in a sewage treatment plant in Delhi, India


Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[177] Soulis K.X., Dercas N. and Papadaki Ch.

Effects of forest roads on the hydrological response of a small scale mountain watershed in Greece

[205] Pechlivanidis I.G., Anastasiadis S. and Lekkas D.F.

Development of a semi-distributed hydrological model toolbox to predict runoff response in the ungauged catchment of Mornos, Greece

[646] Gkilimanakis E., Vasiliades L. and Loukas A.

Identification of uncertainty in hydrological modelling using several model structures, optimisation algorithms and objective functions in a cypriot watershed

[566] Moraetis D., Giannakis G., Efstathiou D., Nikolaidis N.P., Van Gaans P.,
Verheul M., Adrianaki M. and Bernasconi M.S.

Hydro-chemical characterization of white mountain Karstic water at Koiliaris river CZO.

[245] Polatidou M., Tsirtsis G. and Gaganis P.

Assessing nutrient dynamics in a small eastern mediterranean watershed

[629] Khaertdinova E. and Longobardi A.

Modeling evapotranspiration during inter-storm periods in a mediterranean climate area

[511] Koutsoyiannis S., Angelidis P. and Hrissanthou V.

Interaction between sediment transport and flood flow: The case of Kompsatos river basin, Greece

[330] Papathanasiou C., Makropoulos C., Baltas E. and Mimikou M.

The hydrological observatory of Athens: a state-of-the-art network for the assessment of the hydrometeorological regime of Attica 

[465] Gassman P.W., Panagopoulos Y., Srinivasan R., White M.J., Jha M.K.,
Arnold J.G., Campbell T.D., Richardson J., Rabotyagov S., Valcu A.M., Kling C.L., Turner R.E., Moskal M.L. and Rabalais N.

The development of SWAT modeling systems for large corn belt river basins. Part 1: Description of modeling system components

[466] Panagopoulos Y., Gassman P.W., Kling C.L., Campbell T.D., Jha M.K., Srinivasan R., White M.J. and Arnold J.G.

The development of SWAT modelling systems for large corn belt river basins. Part 2: Model performance and evaluation

[753] Andersson J.C.M., Pechlivanidis I.G., Gustafsson D., Donnelly C. and
Arheimer B.

Key factors for improving large-scale hydrological model performance

[550] Khorsandi N., Nikkami D. and Mahdian M.H.

Comparison of spatial variability of fuzzy and non-fuzzy rainfall erosivity data in Oromieh Lake Basin, Iran

[148] Mohamed M.

Development of a water budget model for groundwater sustainability in the Arid Eastern Abu Dhabi Emirate


Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[193] Siarkos I., Kouvaritaki D., Charcharidou A. and Theodossiou N.

Modelling the effect of agricultural activities on groundwater quality in the aquifer of N. Moudania, Greece

[127] Fytianos G.K. and Katsifarakis K.L.

Correlation and prediction of chemical parameters in ground water of the municipality of Thermi using SPSS, G.I.S.  and artificial neural networks

[701] Gkesouli A., Stamou A.I., Xanthaki M. and Georgiadis S.

Validation of a CFD model in rectangular settling tanks

[400] Cogan D., Cleary J., Phelan T. and Diamond D.

Next generation autonomous chemical sensors for environmental monitoring

[21] Fuladipanah M. and Jafarinia R.

Application of Fourier amplitude sensitivity test on dispersion coefficient


Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[595] Brück F. and Weigand H.

Behaviour and fate of geogenic arsenic during landfill leachate treatment

[669] D’Acunto B., Esposito G., Frunzo L., Mattei M.R. and Pirozzi F.

Mathematical modeling of the competition between sulfate reducing, acetoclastic and methanogenic bacteria within multispecies biofilms

[725] Deng D., Chen H.X. and Tam N.F.Y.

Isolation of microalgae tolerant to polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) from wastewater treatment plants and their removal ability

[748] Nguyen V.H. and Nguyen T.P.

Treatment of fishery wastewater by sequencing batch moving bed biofilm reactor (SBMBBR)

[781] Abdel-Kader A.M., Aljefry M.H. and Eladawy S.M.

Studying the effects of alum, lime and ferric chloride on the treatment efficiency of rotating biological contactors plant

[113] Jain A. and Khambete A.

Role of strong oxidants in reducing COD: case study at common effluent treatment plant Vapi, Guj., India


Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM C - PELLA

[200] Giannadaki D., Pozzer A. and Lelieveld J.

Modeled global effects of airborne desert dust on air quality and premature mortality

[204] Blouchos P., Moschopoulou G., Kintzios S., Glezakos T., Ferentinos C., Yialouris C., Livaniou E., Zikos C., Kakabakos S.E., Petrou P.S., Johns G. and Griffith J.

FOODSCAN: A novel and automated biosensor platform for pesticide residue detection

[354] Mimilidou A., Tzanakos K., Anastasiadou K. and Gidarakos E.

Influence of NaOH solution on the synthesis of hospital waste fly ash geopolymer

[506] Gini M.I., Kotzamanoglou A., Helmis C., Pilou M., Housiadas C. and Eleftheriadis K.

Effect of Sahara dust events on the deposited  fraction of atmospheric aerosol in the respiratory tract

[549] Kermenidou M., Voudrias E. and Kostantoula A.

Composition and production rate of cytostatic pharmaceutical waste from Theagenio cancer hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece

[600] Adams M.D., Kelly R.M.D., De Luca P.F., Corr D. and Kanaroglou P.S.

Air quality health index mapping: A data driven modelling approach

[707] Tangtong C., Qiao L., Long D.T. and Voice T.C.

Fate and transport properties of aristolochic acids as potential exposure agents responsible for Balkan endemic nephropathy

[776] Vlachou A., Bourikas K., Bekatorou A., Anninos C., Paplas A. and
Symeopoulos B.

Probiotics as potential checking agents against contamination in the food chain. The case of uranium and Saccharomyces boulardii

[780] Sazakli E., Villanueva C.M. and Leotsinidis M.

“Hexavalent chromium in drinking water; effects on human health”: design of an epidemiological study

[119] Awad O.M., El-Fiki S.A., Abou-Shanab R.A.I., Hassanin N.M.A. and Abd El Rahman R.

Influence of exposure to pesticides on liver enzymes and cholinesterase levels in male agriculture workers

[614] Sponza D.T., Oztekin R. and Erdincmer N.

Evaluation of toxicity of SiO2, HFO2 and fullerene in standardized acute toxicity tests

[219] Azizifar M.,Salimi M., Naddafi K. and Jabbari H.

A survey on the effect of nanosilver paint on reducing the level of fungal contamination in hospitals

Session 20 - AIR POLLUTION (2)

Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[424] Varlas G., Katsafados P. and Papadopoulos A.

The synoptic and dynamical characteristics of the hurricane Sandy

[459] Collins F., McNamara E., Fay C., Nardi Pinto C., Xavier Costa E.J. and Diamond D.

Autonomous remote gas sensing: web-based monitoring of greenhouse gases

[461] Cheristanidis S., Habilomatis G., Diapouli E. and Chaloulakou A.

PM mass, number concentration and EC surrogate measurements in an Athens residential area. Impact of relative sources and activities

[467] Papadopoulos A., Katsafados P., Kalogirou S. and Soukissian T.

Wind and solar irradiance gridded data to support assessment of renewable energy resources in Greece

[489] Tzirakis E.G. and Zannikos F.E.

On-road real driving and road gradient data processing methodologies to form driving cycle complete dynamometer tests

[510] Kotsenos A., Kondili E., Paliatsos A.G. and Kaldellis J.K.

Comparative evaluation of the air quality indexes. Application for the greater Athens area

[513] Matthaios V., Triantafyllou A.G. and Albanis T.

Performance and verification of a downscaling approach for meteorology and land use, using a mesoscale model in a complex terrain industrial area in Greece

[515] Kotroni V., Lagouvardos Κ. and Lykoudis S.

High-resolution model-based wind atlas for Greece

[540] Kostopoulos V.E. and Helmis C.G.

Experimental study of the surface marine atmospheric boundary layer over Aegean Sea, Greece

[572] Arvani B., Pierce R.B., Teggi S., Bigi A. and Ghermandi G.

Implementation of IMAPP/IDEA-I over the Po Valley region, northern Italy, for air quality monitoring and forecasting


Friday 6 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM E – ATHENS VIEW (9th floor)

[594] Lyko S. and Nafo I.    (WITHDRAWN)

Synergistic effects of the combination of ozone and powdered activated carbon for the elimination of emerging contaminants from hospital wastewater

[708] Antoniou M.G., Hey G., Vega S.R., Spiliotopoulou A., Fick J., Tysklind M., Jansen J.C. and Andersen H.R.

Variability in required ozone doses for removing pharmaceuticals from wastewater effluents

[616] Muz M., Ak S., Komesli O.T. and Gokcay C.F.

EDC removal in a lab-scale pre-anaerobic SBR unit

[657] Iatrou E., Salatas A., Symsaris I. I., Stasinakis A. and Thomaidis N.S.

Fate and removal of antimicrobial compounds in lab-scale planted reactors using duckweed Lemna minor

[672] Noutsopoulos C., Mamais D., Thomaidis N.S., Koumaki E., Nika M., Bletsou A. and Stasinakis A.

Removal of emerging pollutants through wastewater disinfection

[264] Kabdasli I., Ecer C., Olmez-Hanci T. and Tunay O.

Treatment of aqueous alcohol ethoxylates solution by TiO2/UV-A photocatalytic oxidation

[174] Olmez-Hanci T., Arslan-Alaton I., Dursun D. and Genc B.

UV-C, S2O82-/UV-C and H2O2/UV-C treatment of aqueous bisphenol-A. Results in different acute toxicity patterns

[641] Noutsopoulos C., Katsigiannis A., Mantziaras J., Gioldasi M. and Katsiri A.

Removal of anti-inflammatory drugs and endocrine disrupting chemicals by granular activated carbon

[314] Maszkowska J., Kolodziejska M., Bialk-Bielinska A., Mrozik W., Kumirska J., Stepnowski P., Krüger O. and Kalbe U.

Column and batch tests of sulfonamides leaching from different types of soil


Saturday 7 September 2013 – morning - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[276] Moutsiakis E.

Streamlining the sustainability approach: Spatial systems and governance (re-)arrangement

[223] Gemenetzi G.

Improving urban metabolism through spatial planning: a methodology of eco-development

[495] Salata K.D. and Yiannakou A.

Spatial planning for adaptating compact urban areas to climate change: issues raised from a case study in the city of Thessaloniki

[82] Retsilidou O.N. and Hatzopoulos J.N.

Modelling of urban land use and assessment of future urban expansion: Application in the municipality of Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece

[18] Exarchou E. and Klonari A.

A pre-study on the use of web 2.0 social networking technologies in geographical and environmental learning for sustainability of Greek secondary students

[321] Koroneos C., Konstantzos G., Moustakas K., Malamis D. and Loizidou M.

Integrated product policy and the product impact model (PIM)

[357] Sdrali D., Goussia-Rizou M., Galanos S. and Abeliotis K.

Corporate social responsibility and internal orientations to the company's employees. A case study of Greek companies

[287] Kondili E., Papapostolou C., Balaska A., Aggelakopoulos J., Papagiakomos A. and Kaldellis J.K.

Environmental performance improvement and environmental management systems (EMS) in universities. Special focus in the TEI of Piraeus Campus

[227] Markaki M., Mirasgedis S., Belegri-Roboli A. and Sarafidis Y.

The environmental impact of clean energy investments on the Greek economy: an input-output analysis (2010-2020)

[305] Venables R.

The positive influence of CEEQUAL (the sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme) on planning, design, delivery and management of civil engineering projects

[161] Koumparou D.

The role of natural resources and the social capital in EU's growth strategy- Europe 2020

[690] Papaioannou D. and Lema E.

Analyzing the scope of forcing market based measures to address shipping CO2 emissions

[518] Anastasiou C., Middleton N., Grafias P., Panayi A., Larkou A. and Georgiou E.

Use of a public perceptions study to assist policy making for reclaimed water reuse

[833] Voulvoulis N.

Towards sustainability: a systems perspective in dealing with water challenges


Saturday 7 September 2013 – morning - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[451] Ferreira Esmi C., Schrive L., Barre Y., Palmeri J. and Deratani A.

A new environmentally friendly process for removing heavy metals from wastewater

[401] Akhigbe L.O., Ouki S.K. and Saroj D.P.

Removal of escherichia coli and heavy metals from wastewater using silver-modified clinoptilolite

[562] Giuliani S., Zarra T., Naddeo V. and Belgiorno V.

A novel tool for control of odour emissions in wastewater treatment plant

[229] Ramalingam K., Fillos J., Mehrdad M., Shapiro I., Deur A. and Beckmann K.

Anammox: A sustainable process to remove nitrogen from reject water generated by the anaerobic digestion process

[485] Malamis S., Katsou E., Di Fabio S., Frison N., Noutsopoulos C. and Fatone F.

Anammox start-up using low activity inoculum to treat low-strength UASB effluent

[347] Shen L., Guan Y. and Wu G.

Effect of heterotrophic activities on nitrous oxide emission during nitrification under different aeration rates

[450] Milia S., Perra M., Muntoni A. and Carucci A.

Partial nitritation of nitrogen rich refinery wastewater (sour water) with different IC/N molar ratios

[573] Galanopoulos C., Leotsinidis M. and Lyberatos G.

Assessment of the plant role and modeling for a free water surface constructed wetlands wastewater treatment system

[365] Schröder P., Wenzel M., Bulba D. and Debus R.

Is Lemna minor a candidate plant for phytoremediation? Observations on the effect of metals and industrial pollutants on the Small Duckweed

[295] Scannapieco D., Naddeo V. and Belgiorno V.

Control of fouling in MBRs through nanospheres addition

[375] Tran A.T.K., Zhang Y., Jullok N., Meesschaert B., Pinoy L. and
van der Bruggen B.

The feasibility of a hybrid system consisting of a pellet reactor and electrodialysis for reverse osmosis concentrate treatment

[586] Ragazzi M., Rada E.C. and Ferrentino R.

Analysis of real scale experiences of novel sewage sludge treatments in an Italian pilot region

[589] Alleyne A.A., Xanthos S., Tang H. and Ramalingam K.

Real-life configuration stirred tanks: A computational investigation using CFD


Saturday 7 September 2013 – morning - ROOM C - PELLA

[605] Dokou Z., Karatzas G.P., Nikolaidis N.P. and Kalogerakis N.

Mapping of chromium in the greater area of Asopos river basin

[745] Panagiotakis I., Dermatas D,. Vatseris C., Chyrsochoou M., Papasiopi N., Xenidis A., Theologou E., Mpouras T. and Sakellariou L.

Investigation of chromium sources in the groundwater of Thiva industrialized area

[612] Lilli M.A., Moraetis D., Nikolaidis N.P., Karatzas G.P. and Kalogerakis N.

Characterization and mobility of hexavalent chromium in soils and sediments

[617] Paraskevopoulou V., Botsou F., Dassenakis M. and Scoullos M.

Chromium occurence in Greece: distribution, sources and environmental fate

[746] Dermatas D., Panagiotakis I., Vatseris C., Xenidis A., Papasiopi N., Mpouras T., Theologou E., Vaxevanidou K. and Chyrsochoou M.

Investigation of origin of the hexavalent chromium in a Greek ophiolitic aquifer

[522] Panagopoulos J., Karagiannis A., Kollias K., Xenidis A. and Papassiopi N.

Investigation of potential soil contamination with Cr and Ni in four metal finishing facilities at Asopos industrial area

[552] Kabengi N., Chrysochoou M., Johnston C.P. and Tulloch J.

Elucidating mechanisms of chromate complexation on iron oxides surfaces using flow calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy

[650] Di Natale F., Erto A., Lancia A. and Musmarra D.

Equilibrium and kinetic study on chromium adsorption onto activated carbon in water

[687] Chrysochoou M., Machesky M. and Johnston C.

A new surface complexation model for chromate adsorption on ferrihydrite

[299] Di Palma L., D' Onofri R., Gueye M.T. and Petrucci E.

Experimental assessment of chromium immobilization in contaminated soil by in situ chemical reduction

[742] Mystrioti C., Papassiopi N., Xenidis A., Dermatas D. and Chrysochoou M.

Column study for the evaluation of the transport properties of polyphenol-coated nano iron

[611] Weigand H., Müller R. and Marb C.

In-situ reduction of Cr(VI) in a contaminated aquifer assessed by lab-scale column tests and a field trial


Saturday 7 September 2013 – morning - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[73] Hall P.H., Coles N.A. and Hipsey M.R.

Adaption of synoptic characterisation methodologies as a short-to-medium term climate anaytical and forecasting tool

[125] Kokoni S. and Skea J.

Consumption-based and life-cycle emissions accounting: Strengths and weaknesses in supporting climate policy

[247] Charalampopoulos I., Tsiros I., Chronopoulou-Sereli A. and Matzarakis A.

A numerical model-based method for estimating wind speed regime in outdoor and semi-outdoor sites in the urban environment

[368] Llamas B., Mazadiego L.F., Elio J., Ortega M.F. and Grandia F.

Systematic approach for the selection of monitoring technologies in CO2 geological storage projects. Application of multicriteria decision making

[369] Ortega M.F., Rincones M., Elío J., Gutierrez Del Olmo J., Nisi B., Mazadiego L.F., Iglesias L., Vaselli O., Grandia F., Garcia R. and De La Vega R.

Gas monitoring methodology and application to CCS projects as defined by atmospheric and remote sensing survey in the natural analogue of Campo de Calatrava

[396] Nastos P.T, Bleta A.G. and Matsangouras I.T.

The development of Fohn winds due to Saharan dust outbreaks and the associated human thermal bioclimatic conditions in Crete island, Greece

[427] Spyridi D., Vlachokostas Ch., Moussiopoulos N. and Sioutas C.

Evaluation of measures to address climate change using multicriteria analysis

[432] Nastos P.T., Kambezidis H.D. and Demetriou D.

Solar dimming/brightening within the Mediterranean

[470] Vasileiou P., Philippopoulos K., Yiannikopoulou I., Adamantiadou C. and Deligiorgi D.

Statistical assessment of extreme climate indices of air temperature over eastern Greek islands and Cyprus

[541] Hutton B., Horan E. and Norrish M.

Landfill, compost or incineration? Finding the best method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from organic waste in mediterranean climates

[261] Kaminari M., Flocas H.A., Kouroutzoglou J., Tsanis I.K., Koutroulis A.G. and Simmonds I.

Vertical structure of synoptic scale cyclones causing flood events in the island of Crete

[179] Ullah Khan S., Hasan M.U. and Alghafari Y.

Temperature and precipitation fluctuation of Madinah-Al-Munawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1959-2011)


Saturday 7 September 2013 – morning - ROOM E - ATHENS VIEW (9th floor)

[320] Miranda S.M., Vilar V.J.P., Faria J.L., Silva A.M.T., Romanos G.E., Likodimos V., Steriotis T.A., Katsaros F.K., Stefanopoulos K.L. and Falaras P.

Structural and photocatalytic properties of hybrids consisting of TiO2 and carbon nanotubes

[95] Maleki A., Daraei H., Mohseni-Bandpei A., Zandsalimi Y. and Mahvi A.H.

Study of efficiency and energy consumption of synthesized nano-ZnO Sono-catalyst

[825] Venieri D., Fraggedaki A., Kostadima M., Chatzisymeon E., Binas V., Zachopoulos A., Kiriakidis G. and Mantzavinos D.

Investigation of Mn and Co-doped TiO2 semiconductors for solar photocatalytic disinfection purposes

[232] Szymanska K., Zouboulis A.I., Zamboulis D. and Samaras P.

Hybrid ozonation-microfiltration system for the treatment of surface water

[319] Athanasekou C.P., Moustakas N.G., Katsaros F.K., Kontos A.G., Romanos G.E, Morales-Torres S., Pastrana-Martínez L.M., Faria J.L., Figueiredo J.L., Silva A.M.T., Fernández-Rodríguez C., Dona-Rodríguez J.M. and Falaras P.

Ceramic membranes in hybrid photocatalysis/ultrafiltration processes

[816] Sarasidis V.C., Patsios S.I., Plakas K.V. and Karabelas A.J.

A hybrid photocatalysis – ultrafiltration continuous process for degradation and removal of refractory organic pollutants from water

[38] Stergiopoulos D., Dermentzis K., Giannakoudakis P. and Sotiropoulos S.

Electrochemical decolorization and removal of indigo carmine textile dye from wastewater

[475] Apaydin O.

Reduction of COD in wastewater from an textile industry by electro-Fenton process

[664] Mousset E., Huguenot D., Van Hullebusch E.D., Oturan N., Guibaud G., Esposito G. and Oturan M.A.

A new integrated approach to remove  PAHs from highly contaminated soil:  soil washing combined to electro-Fenton process and possible post-biological treatment

[817] Plakas K.V., Karabelas A.J., Sklari S.D. and Zaspalis V.T.

Efficient degradation of recalcitrant pharmaceuticals by a novel electro-Fenton system: The case of diclofenac


Saturday 7 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM A - MACEDONIA A

[681] Makrogianni S. and Hadjibiros K.

Interdisciplinarity in environmental research: an analysis based on scientific publications

[294] Feneri A-M., Vagiona D. and Karanikolas N.

Measuring quality of life (QoL) in urban environment: an integrated approach

[48] Kalimeris P. and Bithas K.

Economic growth towards a dematerialization regime? A reassessment of global material intensity

[602] Kyriakopoulou N., Kanaroglou P. and Photis Y.

Mathematical characterization of congestion based on speed distribution: A case study of greater Toronto and Hamilton area, Ontario, Canada

[501] Zorpas A.A., Inglezakis V. and Voukkali I.

Indicators for sustainable destination development in the frame work of sustainable tourism

[516] Eleftheriadis K., Diapouli E., Samara C., Kungolos A., Progiou A. and Lazaridis M.

Development of a cost efficient policy tool for the reduction of atmospheric particulate matter in Greek urban centres


Saturday 7 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM B - MACEDONIA B

[606] Babatsouli P., Fodelianakis S., Venieri D., Dialynas M., Koukaras M. and Kalogerakis N.

Evaluation of a compact system (AdvanTex) for saline wastewater treatment

[639] Ittisupornrat S., Tobino T., An K.J. and Yamamoto K.

Treatment performance, microbial activity and community dynamics in inclined plate membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment under different sludge retention time

[649] Kotzapetros A.D., Paraskevas P.A. and Stasinakis A.S.

Sensitivity analysis of a modern automatic control system for the activated sludge process in wastewater treatment

[654] Gikas G.D., Tsihrintzis V.A. and Papachristos C.G.

Economic and environmental evaluation of stabilization pond systems for wastewater treatment


Saturday 7 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM C - PELLA

[659] Mamais D., Noutsopoulos C., Kavallari I., Nyktari E. and Kaldis A.

Biological groundwater treatment for total and hexavalent chromium removal

[183] Michailides M.K., Tekerlekopoulou A.G., Akratos C.S. and Vayenas D.V.

Biological Cr(VI) reduction

[613] Lilli M.Α., Nikolaidis N.P., Karatzas G.P., Kalogerakis N. and Mueller M.

Mitigation measures for chromium-VI contaminated groundwater and soil using zero valent iron technologies

[604] Manousaki E., Dimitroula E., Nikolaidis N.P., Karatzas G.P. and Kalogerakis N.

Mitigation measures for chromium-VI contaminated groundwater and soil using a phytoextraction pilot

[214] Mimides T.M. and Koilakos D.I.

Uptake of hexavalent chromium and nickel by plants, the Beotia (Greece) case

[135] Sultana M., Michailides M.K., Akratos C.S., Tekerlekopoulou A.G. and Vayenas D.V.

Effect of hydraulic residence time on Cr(VI) removal using constructed wetlands

Session 30 - AIR POLLUTION (3)

Saturday 7 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM D - MYCENAE

[597] Di Nardo A., Santonastaso G.F., Bortone. D., Di Natale M. and Musmarra I.

A fuzzy early warning system to mitigate the odorous substances emitted from a waste landfill

[599] Adams M.D. and Kanaroglou P.S.

Optimized monitor reduction for an industrial air pollution monitoring network

[601] Papargyri E., Kanaroglou P. and Photis Y.

Assessing the potential contribution of electric vehicles in traffic related pollution reduction in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

[665] Kotrikla A.M., Dimou K., Korras – Carraca M. and Biskos G.

Air quality modelling in the city of Mytilene, Greece

[698] Yan Y., Zhang Z., Zhang L. and Ju S.

Hollow fiber membrane absorption of CO2 in the flue gas


Saturday 7 September 2013 – afternoon - ROOM E - ATHENS VIEW (9th floor)

Invited speaker [695] Ma W. and Kannan K.

Analysis of polyfluoroalkyl substances and bisphenol A in dried blood spots by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

[821] Darnerud P.O., Bjermo H., Cantillana T., Glynn A.K., Lindroos A.K., Nalsen C., Barregard L., and Jonsson B.A.G.

Biomonitoring of toxic compounds and associations with dietarty and life-style factors in a Swedish population-based study in adults

[755] Asimakopoulos A.G., Thomaidis N.S. and Kannan K.

Benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles in human urine: Method development, occurrence, human exposures, and biotransformation

[476] Chalkiadaki O., Lydakis-Simantiris N. and Dassenakis M.

Lead accumulation and metallothionein induction in different tissues of mussels (M. galloprovincialis) and clams (C. chione) exposed to various Pb concentrations

[423] Yalcin I.E., Demir G., Ozyigit I.I., Dogan I. and Yarci C.

Determination of metal deposition and its effects on mineral nutrient uptake status of pinus brutia Ten. for assessment of pollution impact in its habitat-Istanbul

[492] Ozyigit I.I., Yilmaz S., Dogan I., Sakcali M.S., Kekec G., Demir G. and Severoglu Z.

Cadmium-induced physiological and genotoxic alterations in Bryophyllum daigremontianum